From Letters to Lumens

March 2024  — 

From Letters to Lumens is a visual commentary on the transformation of romantic communication in the digital age. Through a landscape of geometric abstraction and a network of luminescent connections, this piece captures the cold, algorithm-driven nature of modern dating. Each illuminated node and fractured surface mirrors the complexities and illuminated moments of digital encounters, reflecting the paradoxical search for warmth in the pixelated planes of online spaces.

The artwork's shifting geometry, brought to life through a custom 'for' loop in Houdini, projects pixel information onto a mesh, contorted by layers of noise over time. This method crafts a visual field that pulsates with the ebb and flow of digital exchanges. Finalized with the subtle touches of Stable Diffusion and the precise editing and color grading of DaVinci Resolve, the piece stands as a testament to the nuanced interplay of code, data, and human emotion.

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