Ill Broken Group

February 2024  — 

At Ill Broken Entertainment, my role as the in-house designer was a deep dive into the brand's ethos, driving its evolution and sharpening its identity in the entertainment landscape. My creative tenure was marked by designing a suite of merchandise that became synonymous with the brand, art directing photo shoots that captured the raw, authentic essence of Ill Broken, and conceptualizing banners that demanded attention. Each marketing piece I created was not just a design but a strategic vehicle to elevate the brand's presence, making sure that every visual interaction was an echo of Ill Broken's unique narrative.

My commitment to the brand went beyond occasional bursts of creativity; it was a consistent delivery of high-quality marketing materials that supported the entire spectrum of the company's marketing initiatives. From managing and orchestrating photoshoots that would serve as the cornerstone of our visual campaigns, to designing print collateral that people wanted to hold on to, and enhancing our web presence to engage a wider audience—every project was an opportunity to cement Ill Broken Entertainment's standing. Special promotions were not merely time-bound events but experiences designed to leave a lasting impression, ensuring that every touchpoint was an invitation to the audience to step into the Ill Broken world.

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