Van Gogh Immersive

February 2024  — 

For the Impressionist Immersive Project, a venture that sought to envelop audiences in the vibrant world of classical art, I had the honor of working on a segment that breathed life into Van Gogh's masterpieces. Tasked with the digital resurrection of his iconic work, the goal was to let visitors step into his paintings, experiencing the swirls of color and emotion as if standing beside the artist himself.

Utilizing a blend of 3D animation techniques, I translated Van Gogh's strokes into moving scenes, preserving the integrity of his vision while infusing it with a new, dynamic dimension. This contribution was not just about animation; it was about creating a bridge across time, inviting the modern viewer to wander within the very essence of Van Gogh's genius, displayed on a canvas far grander than ever before.

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