KW Craft Cider

February 2024  — 

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with KW Craft Cider, diving into a creative endeavor to elevate their online presence. In a market brimming with competition, the goal was to redesign their website in a way that would not just stand out, but also resonate with their core brand ethics. The layout was carefully crafted, taking into consideration the ethos of KW Craft Cider, ensuring that every element on the site would communicate their story and commitment to quality.

The redesign journey led to a realization of the need for compelling content to fill the fresh layout. That’s where the magic of Cinema 4D came into play. I generated computer-crafted, three-dimensional bottles that became the heroes of our narrative, allowing us to create intriguing motion graphics. These animations didn't just populate the website; they brought the essence and artistry of KW Craft Cider to life, engaging visitors with every scroll.

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